Thoughts and Reflections on Harry Fisher                     

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Harry Fisher dies after Peace Demonstration, March 22, 2003

From: Ulrich Kolbe
Date: 22 Mar 2003



CNN reports about “Operation Iraqi Freedom” using “embedded” correspondents and showing little of the worldwide protests against the U.S. aggression on Iraq. They want us to believe that 70% of the U.S. citizens back this goddamn war. I doubt it. One of the “others” is our friend Harry Fisher whose fine anti-war book “Comrades” I helped publish in Germany two years ago. Like my father, he wanted to relay a simple yet important message, based on his own experience: War is never anything glorious, anything heroic or worthwhile, but it is a bloody, stinky mess that generates new hatred and injustice for generations to come. There are innocent people dying and no one deems it necessary to report about their fates. At age 92, Harry Fisher did not consider himself too old to keep up the fight for peace and social justice. Outraged and angry about the cynical war on Iraq, he died at yesterday’s huge anti-war demonstration in New York City.

Stop this war and all future ones,

Uli Kolbe

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