Thoughts and Reflections on Harry Fisher                     

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From Australia

From: Alan Fremlin, Australia
Date: 23 Mar 2003


Dear Uli, sorry to hear that Harry Fisher passed away. In some way it is fitting that he died demonstrating against the war on Iraq in New York. He certainly was an anti-war activist to the very end. I totally endorse your sentiments regarding the war on Iraq and American public opinion. Regarding the 70% of U.S. citizens who allegedly back 'this goddamn war': we are in contact with several U.S. citizens who do not back this war and one of them actually was in the huge anti-war demonstration which took place on 15 February 2003 in New York City. We were really pleased to take part in an equally huge anti-war demonstration in Melbourne on 14 February 2003. The estimate was between 150,000 and 200,000 people. According to newspaper reports, there had not been such a huge demonstration since the days of the Vietnam war.

Kind regards to you and your family and condolences to Harry Fisher's family,

Alan and Helga

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