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Condolences from Japan

From: Hisashi Nakamura
Date: 23 Mar 2003


I am a reader of Harry Fisher sending mails with each other for a couple years. Pardon me for my mail all of a sudden, but am I wrong to believe that Harry died in yesterday's anti-war demonstration in NYC? Will you advise me more in detail? Flowers, on behalf of me, reached him on his 92nd birthday March 12. that was reported to me upon receipt. But strange as it may sound that I wondered, just at the time of ordering, if there will be another bunch of flowers for him, for his last day. The worst that could happen came reality. Thanks to internet, I can read New York newspapers one of which says that 5 peace demonstrators arrested and 20 police officers injured. I did not have a close look at the article. Harry's comrades' book was so impressive that I was reminded of my dead father who was drafted in WW2 killing allied prisoners executing the command of his superiors. I am 53 and I color him my father despite my not having seen him in the occasion that I feel like a fatherless child. He was so brave, embracing, and tolerant. For now, you are engaged in busy work. I quit writing by saying that I was looking forward to his second book to be released which contains even a mention of me and my father. I am waiting for another mail on him.

Hisashi Nakamura 25-2 Horaicho Hakodate 0400043 Japan

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